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Published:Sep 10, 2018

Work Item Type Colors Improved in Timetracker 4.15

In our latest release, Timetracker 4.15, colors for work item types  (including custom work item types and colors) are now fetched from and match VSTS/TFS API (if available) throughout the whole system (Mobile, Web Client, Windows Client). Colors for work item types in Times Explorer were also implemented.

Improved performance and stability of caching (VSTS only) has also been added.


In 4.15, our team fixed an issue where some settings on the Windows Client were lost after an update to the Client occurred.

We also fixed an issue with server side tracking where users sometimes received two email notifications when tracking was stopped due to a missed activity check on the Web Client.

Return of Older SQL Servers

And finally, in our last release, we dropped support of all SQL Servers prior to 2016. With this new release, we rewrote the code and returned support of all SQL Servers as it was before 4.14,  so as to not break compatibility with older SQL Servers.

For the full list of improvements, fixes, and details in Timetracker 4.13 and all other releases, please check out our release articles here:

You can download the latest release of 7pace Timetracker for TFS here:

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