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Published:Jan 31, 2019

Usability Improvements in 4.22 Release

In our new release, we’ve got some great usability improvements that will make your 7pace Timetracker experience better than ever!

You can now enter HTML special characters in certain fields throughout the application, such as the “Comment” field of the “Add/Edit Time Time Record” dialog on the “Monthly”, “Timesheet” and “Times Explorer” pages, and the “Comment” field when adding a new budget on the “Budgets” pages, to name a few. Previously, if you tried to enter HTML special characters in these input fields, an unprocessed error, “Potentially dangerous request”, would appear. Now, if you try to enter these special characters where they are not allowed, an applicable error message displays.

7pace Timetracker’s Web Client, built into every page of our application, now clearly indicates when it is in a disconnected state (this occurs after six minutes of inactivity) and shows you that it’s “Reconnecting…” when the page becomes active again.

7pace Timetracker's Web Client Reconnecting

Additionally, the “Start Tracking” button on the work item form now displays “Disconnected” after six minutes of inactivity, and properly reconnects when you hover over it with your mouse.

7pace Timetracker's Web Client Disconnected

No more missed clicks or unpredictable behavior; every second matters!

Other improvements include helpful hover hints being added to show work item types on the “Time” tab of the DevOps work item dialog. Also, when you add time for someone on the “Times Explorer” page, once saved, this same team member’s name is now pre-selected in the next “Add Time” dialog.

On the “Budgets” page, when you perform an export from this page, you’ll notice we’ve added “Select all/Deselect all” projects buttons on the “Export” pop-up dialog, for greater and quicker ease of use. Also on “Budgets”, in the “Time Tracks” section of the page, if you have tracked time on a non-TFS item for that specific budget, the “Comment” from that non-TFS item will now display in a newly-added “Comment” field.

You’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve solved the issue that was causing some VSTS users to see a “The door is locked” message screen, even if their permissions were set correctly.

For the full list of improvements, fixes, and details in Timetracker 4.22 and all other releases, please check out our release articles here:

You can download the latest release of 7pace Timetracker for TFS/DevOps Server here:

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