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Published:Jan 30, 2018

Timetracker 4.4.0 Features Performance Improvements and Other Fixes

Timetracker for VSTS Performance Improvements

In an effort to boost performance in Timetracker for VSTS, two improvements were made in the 4.4.0 release. The display of tracked hours next to the “Start Tracking” button on the Work Item Dialog in VSTS was removed, and all static content (such as images or scripts) was moved to CDN in order to improve application performance. Let us know if you notice a difference!

Timetracker for TFS and VSTS Fixes

The 4.4.0 release also features some great new fixes. In some cases, the web interface was hanging up during the license check process and upgrading Timetracker from version 4.x to 4.1+ was causing crashes, also during license check (on-premise only); both of these issues have now been fixed.

The automatic Remaining/Completed work calculations no longer causes the zeroing out of values in these fields in 4.4.0.

The Times Explorer/Export/API issue that caused data to become inaccessible after selecting a large number of fields from a TFS/VSTS work item and the Windows Client layout issue that occurred when notifications were shown were both fixed.

For the full list of improvements, fixes, and details in this and all other releases, please check out our release articles here: https://support.7pace.com/hc/en-us/sections/115000080746-Release-History

You can download the latest release of 7pace Timetracker for TFS here: https://7pace.com/download

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