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Published:Sep 07, 2021

Performance Improvements Made on Budgets Page and 7pace Timetracker Tab

Our team here at 7pace has been busy implementing significant performance improvements on the Budgets page and on the work item form’s 7pace Timetracker tab

Performance on the Budgets page has been increased up to 12 times faster than it was before. Before optimization, at the top end of the scale, the page could take up to 25 seconds to load for budgets with large organizations and a lot of projects and iterations. After our improvements were implemented, the Budgets page now loads in only 2.27 seconds!

Performance increased up to 12 times faster
From 25 seconds before optimization to 2.27 seconds after!

The load time for each budget varies slightly – it depends on what data your team includes in or excludes from each specific budget. However, all test budgets our 7pace team added to or excluded data from as we tried this out, loaded much faster than before.

7pace Timetracker Tab Load Time on the work item form
Before optimization with one (1) big query – ~1.2 minutes
After optimization with a group of small queries – almost immediately

Our 7pace tech team also got to work on improving the load speed of our popular 7pace Timetracker tab on the work item form. During our tests, we experienced a query time of approximately 1.2 minutes and even an occasional timeout error on organizations with a lot of data associated with them. After reworking it so that larger queries were broken down into some smaller ones, we removed some grouping and extra fields and changed the table join from an Inner Join to a Left Join … before we go too far down the rabbit hole, basically, this all boils down to you seeing the 7pace Timetracker tab load almost immediately!

Do you notice a difference after these performance improvements were made? Drop us a note in the comments, below, and let us know!

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