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Published:Jul 10, 2018

New API Preview in Timetracker 4.12!


You can now create, read, update and delete Timetracker worklogs not only from Timetracker’s UI in our latest Timetracker release.

With 4.12, we begin the roll-out of the new version of Timetracker’s API, which strives to provide you with all CRUD operations on all entities. This update includes the 3.0-preview version with the following endpoints:

  • /me
  • /users
  • /activityTypes
  • /workLogs

/me, /users, /activityTypes are read only right now, /workLogs supports all CRUD operations. Additionally, /workLogs support these filtering operations:

  • $fromTimestamp=[datetime] – will return worklogs with timestamp greater than value.
  • $toTimestamp=[datetime] – will return worklogs with timestamp less than value.
  • $fromCreatedTimestamp=[datetime] – will return worklogs with created timestamp greater than value.
  • $toCreatedTimestamp=[datetime] – will return worklogs with created timestamp less than value.
  • $workItemIds=[comma,separated,Ids] – will filter worklogs by Work Item Ids. Array, no more than 100 at once.

We are working on the documentation and API reference as we speak. If you have any questions or suggestions for us now, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Additionally, we are providing you with the reference application for available endpoints and usages

Make Me an Admin!

Have you ever found yourself wondering who the Timetracker administrator was or maybe you needed to be the admin yourself and had to contact Timetracker support for help? As much as you may like us, we’ve now given you the ability to see exactly who the admins of Timetracker are on your own, and if you’re a collection admin, you can even set yourself as a Timetracker administrator as well!

For those users who aren’t yet Timetracker admins, you will find a new section under the “Configuration” tab: “Administrators”.

For those users who aren't yet Timetracker admins, you will find a new section under the "Configuration" tab: "Administrators".

If you aren’t a collection administrator, you will just see a list of current Timetracker administrators; the “Make Me an Admin” link will not display. Being able to see the list of Timetracker admins will, however, allow you to approach these members of your team if you require them to set you as an admin too. If you are a collection admin, clicking the “Make Me an Admin” button refreshes the page, transforming it into the “User Management” section. This section is only viewable to Timetracker admins and you can now set other team members to specific roles and permissions.

For more information on this new feature, check out User Management Overview from our user documentation.

For the full list of improvements, fixes, and details in Timetracker 4.12.00 and all other releases, please check out our release articles here:

You can download the latest release of 7pace Timetracker for TFS here:

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