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Published:Dec 10, 2020

Mac App Now Available!

At last, Mac joins the 7pace family! We’re very excited to announce the release of the first iteration of 7pace Timetracker for Mac App – 1.0.

7pace Timetracker for Mac App - 1.0.

Mac users will now have access to the convenience of a desktop app that allows quick access to your most important Timetracker functionality, while not taking up a lot of precious real estate on the page. In addition to tracking time on-the-fly, 7pace Mac App users can now easily make time adjustments or enter time manually directly via our app. 

You can download the new Mac App on the “Apps” page of 7pace Timetracker.

You can download the new Mac App on the "Apps" page of 7pace Timetracker.

Once you’ve downloaded it, click “Pair Desktop Client” on the same page and you’re good to go!

In addition to tracking time on-the-fly, the Mac App allows you to add time manually right from the app.

You can also select a worklog and edit it directly from the Mac App.

Once you've downloaded it, click "Pair Desktop Client" on the same page and you're good to go

Please note that while the 7pace Mac App includes new features and functionality, it will be missing some of the original 7pace Timetracker for Windows App functionality in this first iteration. Further, the Mac App is currently available for cloud versions of 7pace Timetracker and won’t work with on-prem installations at this time.

Learn your way around the new 7pace Mac App by checking out our docs here.

Also in the latest 7pace Timetracker release, 5.14, we’ve added in-app help functionality (cloud only). You’ll notice a new help widget has been added that displays related documentation articles according to the context of the Timetracker page you’re currently on. We hope you find this helpful – let us know!

For more details on all our current and past releases, they can be found here.

Mac App Download

Customers can download the 7pace Timetracker Mac App here.

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