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[{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Watch","link":""}],"date":"Jun 07, 2022","month":"Jun 07","year":2022,"title":"A Guide to Sprint Planning For Software Teams","text":"Learn what sprint planning involves, why it’s important, how long you should spend on it, how to prepare for it, and how to conduct a planning session."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Watch","link":""}],"date":"Jun 16, 2021","month":"Jun 16","year":2021,"title":"7pace Timetracker Reporting \u0026#038; Widgets Tutorial","text":"Learn how to use 7pace Timetracker Reporting \u0026#8211;\u0026nbsp; as well as how create your own custom widgets. Take a deep dive into the configuration and parameters that are used with Timetracker Reporting Dashboards and Widgets. \u0026nbsp;What is covered in this tutorial: Reporting Dashboard creation and run-through Reporting Widgets explained Drilldown table creation Reporting Endpoints explained OData Query explained Reporting API documentation overview Reporting Filters overview Console fields Data Formatters Adding..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Watch","link":""}],"date":"Jun 15, 2021","month":"Jun 15","year":2021,"title":"7pace Timetracker Demo","text":"In this 30 minute feature video, we explain how to take your first steps in 7pace Timetracker, mainly from the developer perspective, as a live demonstration in the app. This is a great start for anyone wanting to learn more about our easy-to-use Microsoft Azure DevOps extension to record and manage time efficiently. 7pace Timetracker Demo  Intro and DevOps integration Monthly page \u0026#8211; and approval functionality within the page Timesheet..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Watch","link":""}],"date":"Jun 15, 2021","month":"Jun 15","year":2021,"title":"7pace Reporting \u0026#038; API Tutorial","text":"Learn how to use the 7pace Timetracker API as well as create your own custom reports. This webinar includes a deep dive into the syntax and parameters used with the Timetracker Reporting API. 7pace Reporting \u0026amp; API Webinar What is covered in this webinar: An overview of 7pace Timetracker\u0026#8217;s API Types of token used Setting up the Reporting API Using Postman to query the API Reporting API Reference page explained..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Watch","link":""}],"date":"Nov 03, 2020","month":"Nov 03","year":2020,"title":"Software Development Capitalization Webinar","text":"Customers use 7pace Timetracker to help them get accurate and rich data for use in making their own capitalization decisions.\u0026nbsp;Ultimately, this saves a lot of time reporting and assessing, while increasing the percentage of work that is capitalized. In this webinar we\u0026#8217;re covering\u0026#8230; What is software development capitalization? Why is tracking time for this purpose important? How can you improve software development capitalization efforts? Why is having an integrated time..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Watch","link":""}],"date":"Oct 29, 2020","month":"Oct 29","year":2020,"title":"Developing for Developers: A Look Behind the Scenes as We Build 7pace for GitHub","text":"Since starting 7pace in 2012, we’ve learned a lot about what makes time tracking such a pain for many software teams. Aside from the fact that teams often hobble together time tracking solutions using generic tools, spreadsheets, scribbles on scrap paper, napkins, and guesstimates; we knew that time tracking could be about more than just logging minutes and hours spent at work. By using insights gathered from tracking their time,..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Watch","link":""}],"date":"Oct 28, 2020","month":"Oct 28","year":2020,"title":"Time Tips \u0026#038; Tricks for Development Teams","text":"Are you making these big mistakes when it comes to time spent on projects? Let\u0026#8217;s talk about a controversial statement \u0026#8211;\u0026nbsp;developers are right to hate time tracking. It\u0026#8217;s turned into a crutch for bad management and a total time suck. That being said, tracking development time has a lot of benefits for teams and developers alike. There needs to be a middle ground, but what is it, and how do..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Watch","link":""}],"date":"Oct 21, 2020","month":"Oct 21","year":2020,"title":"Using Data to Make Better Delivery Estimates Webinar","text":"Your estimates say that you are productive 8 hours a day\u0026#8230; but you\u0026#8217;re wrong. 8 hours is the typical amount of time that a knowledge worker has available to him to complete his tasks each day, but studies have shown that most people are able to do just under three hours of focused, productive work. Why do we make delivery estimations based on an 8 hour day? Let\u0026#8217;s kill the..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Watch","link":""}],"date":"Oct 14, 2020","month":"Oct 14","year":2020,"title":"7pace Timetracker FAQs and Q\u0026#038;A Webinar","text":"Note: This webinar is for current 7pace Timetracker users. If you are looking for an introduction to 7pace Timetracker as a whole, check out our\u0026nbsp;free trial on the Azure DevOps Marketplace\u0026nbsp;or contact In this webinar, 7pace Product Manager Andrea sits down and answers some of the FAQs 7pace Timetracker for Azure DevOps users have. What are the ways I can add time into 7pace Timetracker? Why\u0026nbsp;am\u0026nbsp;I seeing a ‘this..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Watch","link":""}],"date":"Sep 28, 2020","month":"Sep 28","year":2020,"title":"7pace Timetracker for Azure DevOps Review by CoderDave","text":"7pace is excited to collaborate with CoderDave in helping Azure DevOps developers understand and install 7pace Timetracker for Azure DevOps. What Dave has to say\u0026#8230; \u0026#8220;Time Tracking is traditionally not very fun to do, and usually adds quite a bit of overhead to the workflow. Now we have the solution for that, using the 7pace Timetracker. Let\u0026#8217;s see together how to install and integrate it into Azure DevOps, and how..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Watch","link":""}],"date":"Dec 12, 2017","month":"Dec 12","year":2017,"title":"Microsoft Channel 9: Efficiency Management with Timetracker 4","text":"Webinar November 15th 2017 Effort tracking and efficiency management for Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Team Services. "},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Watch","link":""}],"date":"Nov 07, 2017","month":"Nov 07","year":2017,"title":"Microsoft Connect() 2017 Live Stream","text":"Watch the Live Stream Here! The Connect(); 2017 Live Stream will begin at 9:45am with a pre-show and the Keynotes will start at 10:00am US Eastern Time on November 15th and stream live 15th and 16th."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Watch","link":""}],"date":"Aug 08, 2017","month":"Aug 08","year":2017,"title":"Introducing Layouts and All Columns from VSTS/TFS in Times Explorer","text":"There are lots of exciting changes in 7pace Timetracker 3.2.0 and M106! \u0026#8220;Times Explorer\u0026#8221; Layouts Are Here! The \u0026#8220;Times Explorer\u0026#8221; page is now even more customizable and powerful than ever before. You can now add, edit and save your own \u0026#8220;Layouts\u0026#8221; via our user-friendly collapsible panel! When you first navigate to the \u0026#8220;Times Explorer\u0026#8221; page, you will see a list of pre-configured \u0026#8220;Layouts\u0026#8221; that display for every user. You can edit, rename,..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Watch","link":""}],"date":"May 10, 2017","month":"May 10","year":2017,"title":"The 9 Best Ways to Track Your Efforts with Timetracker","text":"There are plenty of ways you can enter your time efforts with 7pace Timetracker. Take two minutes to check out our latest movie to learn more about this! Want to dig deeper? Get more information from our documentation about what you have seen \u0026#8211; The 9 Best Ways to Track Your Time Efforts: 9. The Start Tracking Button (see \u0026#8220;The Work Item Details Window\u0026#8221; section): 8. Tracking from the..."}]

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