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7pace Timetracker (on-premise) Now Supports .NET 6!
Published:Feb 27, 2023

7pace Timetracker (on-premise) Now Supports .NET 6!

A few years years ago, you may remember that we migrated 7pace Timetracker from .NET Framework 4.8 to .NET Core 3.1. This modern framework provided improved overall performance on all applications and better tools for developers.

At 7pace, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the times and Microsoft end-of-life policy on products. Recently, we released .NET 6 support for the cloud-based version of 7pace Timetracker, so today, we close the .NET Core 3.1 chapter for good with the release of the on-premise version of 7pace Timetracker with .NET 6 support. This ensures that our customers don’t need to use legacy .NET Core 3.1 with potential security issues.

From the 5.46 version and above, 7pace Timetracker requires .NET 6 (.NET Core 3.1 is not required anymore).

If you don’t have .NET 6, please proceed with the link on the official page.

To view improvements and fixes made in this and all other releases in more detail, our release articles can be found here: Release History

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