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7pace Joins Appfire!
Published:Sep 14, 2022

7pace Joins Appfire!

A letter from Marc Schaeffler, CEO of 7pace:

Dear developers, dear customers, dear all –
We are thrilled to announce that as of today, 7pace is a part of Appfire!

7pace hits the next big milestone

When we started building our time tracking solution in 2013, we were totally developer driven and we wanted an easy, unobtrusive way to track time on top of the then proprietary application lifecycle management system, Microsoft Team Foundation Server – now Azure DevOps. Nine years later, 3,000 of the largest companies around the world use 7pace Timetracker, simply because it is loved by their developers. 

What a ride.

As we experienced unmatched positive feedback from those teams tracking time (which is, uhm, typically not the case for this kind of activity), in 2019, we started thinking about how we could bring the time tracking experience to new ecosystems. As always, we remained entirely focused on the developer. The first new system to be supported was GitHub – and 7pace Timetracker for GitHub was released in early 2022. Even during our beta testing, we received profoundly positive feedback, proving that the concept was ready to advance to even more ecosystems.

With the acquisition of 7pace by Appfire, the entire team at 7pace now has the very best environment in which to accelerate growth into new platforms, and to build new functionality for existing customers and ecosystems.

To our customers who have grown to rely on us, rest assured that we will uphold our principles. We will continue to offer the very best experience to people who code, work in teams, and want to track time. With the help of Appfire, we will continue to improve our extensions 7pace Timetracker for Azure DevOps and 7pace Timetracker for GitHub. We will empower the new 7pace Hub. We will continue to build new platforms. And we will always put every effort imaginable toward ensuring that our customers and the people who use 7pace Timetracker, day in and day out, always have a time tracking tool that they love.

Our goal has always been to change the way time is captured, putting the knowledge worker at the center of the solution, keeping tracking efforts to a minimum, while extending personal benefit to the max. We believe we have achieved that, while also offering a full set of functionalities that empower and enable the largest enterprises to achieve success in their development efforts.

I want to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to you, our customers, who trusted 7pace from the earliest days, to each person who tracked time with our product for all their valuable feedback, and to the entire team at 7pace for their dedication and simply being the best team in the world. Finally, a sincere thank you to Appfire for their trust and devotion in bringing 7pace to the next level.

We’ve just begun.

Sincerely yours,
Marc Schaeffler, CEO 7pace

Read more about this phenomenal step in the press release: Press Release 

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