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Published:Feb 05, 2024

Work smarter with 7pace Timetracker for

Your team shouldn’t have to spend hours tracking their time in Time tracking can be easy — just a few clicks (with the right app). 

Now available on the app marketplace, 7pace Timetracker for is a seamlessly integrated, professional time tracking solution designed to record, manage, and report how your team spends time. The app simplifies time management and gives you valuable insights to improve planning and project reporting. 

Whether you need time tracking data for project status reports and updates, budget management, and forecasting, or billing purposes, this app will help your team make the most out of their time and maximize the value of their workspace.

The app’s designed to suit a wide range of teams from different sectors. Whether you’re part of a digital marketing agency, a creative team, or a development cohort, or you’re working in marketing, design, or architecture, 7pace Timetracker can streamline your time tracking.

Before its official launch, 7pace Timetracker for was available in public preview for users to test and provide feedback on the solution. The reception was overwhelmingly positive, with the app garnering exclusively 5-star reviews since its introduction to the marketplace back in August. The app was also included in the “New and promising” category on’s “Best app awards” for 2023, recognized as one of the most installed apps within its first 90 days in the marketplace. 

Seamless experience  

7pace Timetracker for is a deeply integrated, effortless time-tracking app. Teams can set it up inside their workspace in a few clicks without having to ever leave the interface. 

The setup for projects and clients is straightforward — your team tracks time directly on items and subitems. You can record time using predefined durations, and duplicate repeating time entries using a weekly calendar view. The app offers a timesheet, as well as a monthly overview to manage work-life balance and lets you export data to spreadsheets. Plus, you’ll have access to all personal and team reports across all boards and workspaces within

Once you connect the 7pace data to your boards, you can quickly compare estimated time versus actual time directly in the item view and use total logged hours on items to track project progress using integration recipes. Another advantage for teams — you can filter your time tracking data using attributes like item title, group, board, name, workspace, or person. Additionally, you can share time tracking data to different boards, making billing and reporting more convenient. 

The goal is to eliminate the extra effort that usually makes time-tracking a second job for teams. With smarter time tracking, you can accelerate your workflow and increase efficiency. (Bonus: Easier time tracking will make your employees ‌happier, too!)

No limitations 

7pace Timetracker for enables you to track unlimited hours across multiple users, projects, and workspaces. You can track time across as many clients, projects, and items as needed. The app even allows multiple users to log in hours simultaneously on the same item.

Why should all teams be tracking time? 

If you’re not tracking your team’s time and performance, you’re ignoring ‌an easy way to be more productive, efficient, and profitable. You’re also missing out on valuable data points that can help you plan, estimate, budget, streamline, and complete your projects. 

Here are the top five benefits of time tracking. 

1. More transparency

One of the greatest benefits of time tracking is the visibility it provides. When you combine with 7pace’s deep time tracking capabilities, you can see exactly which tasks your team is working on and how long it takes to complete them. 

This transparency allows for better planning and resource allocation, as well as improved accountability. Everyone can see how their time is being spent, which encourages them to use their time more strategically. This enhanced visibility leads to improved performance and stronger team alignment.

2. Better estimates  

With time tracking, you can use historical data to improve the accuracy of your work estimates, so you encounter fewer surprises and set more realistic deadlines. By regularly reviewing and adjusting estimates based on past performance, you can make more informed predictions about future task durations. With accurate data, you can better manage expectations and manage projects more efficiently. 

3. Efficient work habits 

Analyzing time-tracking data can offer valuable insights into work habits. Relevant, accurate data can help you identify where time is being lost or misused. Once you’ve spotted these inefficiencies, you can address them and encourage more productive habits. For example, if the data shows that certain tasks are taking longer than expected, you can investigate why and find ways to streamline the process. 

4. Enhanced schedule management

With time tracking, you can better allocate time and manage workloads. With the benefit of data from past projects, you can set realistic deadlines and make sure everyone has a balanced workload. Time tracking also provides flexibility in schedules, allowing for adjustments as needed based on the team’s performance and project requirements. 

5. Higher team productivity 

A productive team is a happy team. Understanding how your team’s time is allocated and what’s getting done during a set period of time can help you identify and trim non-value activities, increase burndown rate, improve focus, reduce burnout, and get more work done faster. 

There are even more benefits, but to sum it all up, efficient time tracking can decrease overhead and drive growth and revenue. 

Start time tracking efficiently today

7pace Timetracker for will streamline your workflow and provide insights that drive smarter decision-making, and ultimately foster a more productive, balanced, and fair work environment.

Experience the benefits of 7pace Timetracker for and see for yourself how easy time tracking can be.

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